Shippensburg University Activities Program Board


Activities Program Board (APB) traces its origins back to 1973, where it began as a committee of the Student Senate.  On April 11, 1983, APB became a recognized, chartered organization of the Student Senate.  The award-winning Activities Program Board (APB) is Shippensburg University's main programming board, focused on improving social, cultural, recreational and educational programs for the University and the surrounding community. APB is comprised mainly of general members with leadership provided by four executive student officers and the chairpersons of eight committees. 

APB offers students staple events such as Parents & Family Celebration, Homecoming, and GlowRage, as well as providing them with concerts, comedians, tournaments, dances, poetry slams, day trips, movies and more!

The organization provides leadership opportunities for students that compliment the classroom experience in addition to developing team building skills while working with the administration, faculty, and fellow classmates

Chris O'Connor- President

Kelsey Knarr- Vice President for Membership

Chase Fisher- Treasurer

Evan Redding- Concert Coordinator

Bria Stevenson- Staff Development Coordinator

Amanda Stubits- Secretary 

Makenna Kressley- Marketing Team Coordinator

Karla Moses- Promotions Coordinator and  Staff Bonding Coordinator

Cameron Hanes- Social Media Coordinator

Lauren Uleau- Online Systems Manager and Box Office Manager

Carly Smakulski- Homecoming Coordinator

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